27.březen 2023 (po)

To nejlepší z klasiky

W. A. Mozart, G. F. Händel, A. Vivaldi, A. Dvořák

Obecní dům - Smetanova síň | Klasická hudba

60 minut | K dispozici

Celkové hodnocení:

julio D. | 27. října 2022 | 13:32 (čt)

un peu court. dommage que le prix soit cher: la salle était à moitié vide.

Marie J. | 03. října 2022 | 13:09 (po)

This eight member string ensemble is absolutely superb! They all sound like they could be members of the national symphony! The music was beautifully prepared and presented. We absolutely love the venue. Smetana hall has extraordinary acoustics which contributes to a very positive experience. Gorgeous Art Deco monument!

Rajat G. | 21. června 2022 | 12:25 (út)

We loved the performances. The people playing were excellent. I like classical and dragged my family along, and they ended u0 liking it, and found pieces that appealed to them as well. Time well spent. The one change I would suggest is for them to speak to which piece they were playing. The theater itself is grand and the seats allow for good visibility.

Darko R. | 28. května 2022 | 12:10 (so)

Fantastic music week performed. Well worth attending

Kathy S. | 22. května 2022 | 13:27 (ne)

Caroline B. | 30. března 2022 | 13:33 (st)

Concert agréable dans une très belle salle. En mars, nous n’étions pas nombreux. Donc possibilité de profiter de très bonnes places, alors que j’avais pris le dernier tarif. Concert d’un heure qui crée une ambiance à la fois feutrée et chaleureuse.

Evžen S. | 12. března 2022 | 14:31 (so)

Liudmila V. | 15. února 2020 | 14:17 (so)

Lisa R. | 15. května 2019 | 07:10 (st)


Marisa G. | 14. prosince 2018 | 14:10 (pá)

In Prague for few days with my mum for a Xmas treat, came across this concert by accident and so pleased we went. It was the perfect length of just over an hour of well known classical pieces , played extremely well by a group of just 7 musicians. They really looked like they were enjoying themselves which added to our enjoyment of the performance. Acoustics of the art nouveau room was wonderful , but note this isn’t the main part of the building but downstairs next to the American bar ( lovely bar staff in there too!) it was a shame that some of the audience felt the need to either film parts on there phone or gaze at social media during the performance as I thought this was disrespectful. ! Put phone away and emerse yourself in the concert!

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