27.listopad 2023 (po)


Balet P. I. Čajkovského

Divadlo Broadway | Klasická hudba

105 minut | K dispozici

Celkové hodnocení:

John H. | 12. ledna 2023 | 10:12 (čt)

Worth the money, dancers were all very enjoyable but the prima ballerina was superb, well done, will certainly come back to Prague to see another performance

Sven T. | 19. března 2022 | 14:23 (so)

I expected a great performance - worthy the legend of Prague being the center of art & romance - though felt very let down. There was minimal investment in the decorations, stage setup and story-telling. Furthermore, possibly the worst of all, choreographies were absolutely not synchronized. The latter is, for a ballet of this level, an absolute minimum. The dancers demonstrated their passion for ballet and I'm sure they could have achieved a much higher level of choreography, though I don't feel the choreographer put a lot of effort in guiding them. A true sadness for both performers and spectators. I will not return.

Veronika K. | 03. ledna 2022 | 14:54 (po)

Saam H. | 03. ledna 2022 | 11:03 (po)

jorge M. | 10. prosince 2021 | 09:34 (pá)

JEROME L. | 02. března 2020 | 12:21 (po)

Niveau de danse trés inégale chez les danseurs, costumes et décor d'un autre temps. Problème de synchronisation dans les ensembles

Sandrine T. | 24. února 2020 | 06:56 (po)

Nous avons passé un très bon moment en regardant ce ballet de très grande qualité avec de magnifiques danseurs.

Dina W. | 29. ledna 2020 | 08:57 (st)

It was cute, but not worth the price. It all looked a bit amateuristic and the dancers were not in sync. Clara and the prince were good though.

Stéphanie C. | 27. ledna 2020 | 08:16 (po)

Les danseurs n'etaient pas synchro entre eux, certains ne prenaient même pas la peine de faire le mouvement dans sa totalité, il y a eu plusieurs loupés quant à la chorégraphie. De plus, les éléments du décors n'étaient pas de bonne qualité (marionnettes qui ne tiennent pas droites, casse-noisette qui n'est qu'un soldat en bois qui ne casse même pas les noisettes,...)

Deborah S. | 06. ledna 2020 | 06:28 (po)

For a small company, the ballet was excellent. Costumes were wonderful and the child dancers extremely talented. The evening was a highlight of my trip to Prague and confirmed that The Nutcracker is a staple for Christmas entertainment.

Lina C. | 31. prosince 2019 | 10:20 (út)

Helen C. | 27. prosince 2019 | 07:23 (pá)

Anthony P. | 25. prosince 2019 | 10:50 (st)

Onur S. | 27. listopadu 2019 | 08:17 (st)

I was expecting to see a very well organized choreography but the sync was somehow off. I believe this performance was from the substitude crew, rather than the main crew. The scene I enjoyed the most was the mouse doctor walking in to heal the mouse king. I'm sorry but it was a weak performance

Fiona M. | 11. ledna 2019 | 23:18 (pá)

The ballet was just wonderful. Well worth seeing.

LENAIC B. | 29. prosince 2018 | 19:03 (so)

4 bons danseurs sur le total. prestation très moyenne

Stephen L. | 27. prosince 2018 | 14:39 (čt)

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Nutcracker in the intimate and charming theatre. I am a former principal ballerina from the US and I feel the production was enjoyable and well executed. The choreographer made excellent use of the space. Rose Barile

Christopher W. | 26. prosince 2018 | 08:37 (st)

The dancers choreography was off. The lead ballerina was very good.

Thom D. | 13. prosince 2018 | 17:56 (čt)

Our experience with ticketing and the performance was flawless. This experience was one of those few experiences that goes as planned and expected. No surprises. Performances were easy to review on line. Purchasing tickets was easy and straight forward. The actual performance was very good. The intermission of 20 minutes was appropriate. Concessions were reasonably priced. Not to say there wasn't a line for concessions but not any longer than what you might expect. I'd use Prague Ticket Office (Via Musica) again. Personally, I would like to see an appropriate dress code enacted and enforced for performances such as this. There was a range of dress level.

Katsiaryna Aliaksandrauna S. | 05. února 2018 | 22:36 (po)

Отличный вариант Щелкунчика, адаптированный для детей. Хороший театр. Жаль, музыка была не живая, а запись.

Luc D. | 05. února 2018 | 20:01 (po)
Päivi P. | 04. ledna 2018 | 22:24 (čt)

Chih-yu L. | 04. ledna 2018 | 22:11 (čt)

William B. | 25. prosince 2017 | 23:27 (po)

The performance was outstanding - all performers were great. The venue was very good . Recommend to see it

Deirdre C. | 06. prosince 2017 | 09:59 (st)

First ballet I have attended in a foreign country and found it very enjoyable. No language problem obviously. The venue was tiered well so a good view of the stage from all seats. My only complaint was that it was a bit too warm. As for the ballet/performance, great. Well worth attending if in Prague

Kathleen H. | 27. června 2017 | 18:55 (út)

Otto K. | 26. června 2017 | 16:01 (po)

Everything worked great and the show was interesting. Performers were gifted